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Potters At: Seattle's Pike Place Market " over 40 years "

Pike Place Market

Pike Place Market , a one hundred year old public market has been the home for Frantic Art the past forty oneyears. It has over three hundred artists & crafts people who sell their art at the market, and you can meet and talk with them about their work. There are fresh fish mongers , bakeries , local farmers , import shops , breweries , book stores ,over 20 restaurants , and street musicians to keep you entertained throughout the market.The Pike Place Market is truly a market worth seeing. So if you visit the lovely city of Seattle make sure to stop by, you’ll be glad you did. The market is open 360 days a year.

Kay's Dishes

Kay’s pottery has changed over the years, and the last ten or twelve she has worked hard to make her dish ware truly one of a kind. Each piece is hand made using a collection of old hand embroidered cloths, leafs, and a collation of things to make patterns. The golden touch is the coloring and glaze work she applies to each dish, bring out the art work pressed into piece. Everyone loves her work and I’m sure you will too.

Light Switch Covers

The light switch covers all come from the same piece of work. the patterns on each cover are from a part it. So they all have a part of the pattern to connect them to each other. There are over three hundred different covers to chose from, with many different electrical set ups. We try to cover a good number of different set ups, but if you don’t see the one you need feel free to call. We’ll see what we can do. Take a little care when installing and don’t screw them on too tight.

Bird Feeders

These Bird Feeders are made to look great & last a 1,ooo years in all kinds of weather. Made of high fire stoneware , stainless steel cables & aluminum stops. These materials are perfect for out doors in any kind of weather. With no loss of color or changes. Easy to fill & clean. Just slide the lid up high and pour in seed to the top, the same to clean out with a hose. Let dry for 10 min. and fill her right up. We also make Bird Baths & Bird Houses